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Inviting Authors who want to make some real money…. A free webinar on how to hit #1 bestselling status on Amazon, turn your readers into raving fans, bask in the media spotlight and make a lot more money with your book.



During this free webinar with Tamara Monosoff - Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and Author-to-Income expert – you’ll discover:



  • A simple 5-minute tweak you can do right now to start making more money fast… and for years to come.
  • The absolute best way to turn readers into die-hard fans, get 5 star reviews on Amazon, and skyrocket the sales of your book.
  • 5 unique ways to turn your expertise into income-generating opportunities.
  • My #1 top-secret strategy for creating a tribe of experts who can’t wait to promote, publicize and sell your book for you!
  • How I made $14,000 in extra cash in just 72 hours … and how you can too!


Plus… I’ll tell you what you can do right now to become a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, create a powerful author platform and position your book so it keeps generating extra income for years and years to come.


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"If you have written a book…you MUST take Tamara's program to see how to monetize that book forever!" — David Perdew, President of Novice to Advanced Marketing System NAMS



"Over the years, I've heard a lot of presenters, but Tamara takes the Author-to-Income content to a new level; her Income Boosters for Authors are phenomenal. I was writing notes as fast I as I could and my audience loved it. She delivered one of the hottest webinars to date and I'm already introducing her to my JV Partners." -- Cathy Demers,



“Your content is so profound; it really inspires me to believe that my future books will really make an impact and benefit large numbers of people. Thanks for everything.” -- John Donaldson




“So many innovative tactics! This is the best content of its type anywhere on the web.” -- David Conrad Mayer




*** Dr. Tamara Monosoff is a #1 Amazon best-selling author and the creator of the Author-to-Income Formula, a training program that gives authors the guidance, insider secrets and proven tools they need to hit #1 on Amazon, sell more books, get in the media spotlight and make more money from their books and beyond.